Divorce Property Settlement

Central Coast Property Settlement Lawyers – Do I need a Family Lawyer?

I look under the bonnet of my car and just think – gone are the days I could do this myself. There are 2 yellow coloured covers I am allowed to touch – the coolant and wiper fluid replacement. Everything else is off limits.  Family Law and divorce property settlements are a bit the same. There are so many pitfalls and things you may miss out on if you don’t get advice from an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer.

Did you know that there are real benefits in one party retaining the former family home?

For a start the kids don’t need to move out and in all the uncertainty of a divorce, get to retain some normality in keeping their own bedrooms and home. There are also stamp duty exemptions available for the party retaining the family home which could mean significant savings if they were to buy a comparable property.

It also means that the party transferring their share can be paid out quicker and agents’ commissions won’t be paid.  These are issues only a competent Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer can advise divorcing and separating couples on.   I get it, no one wants to pay legal fees but they should be seen as an investment in your financial future.

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