Central Coast Family Lawyer

I understand that for many people seeing a lawyer – particularly after a separation might be an intimidating experience. Please let me put your mind at easy. Believe me, as a Central Coast family lawyer nothing you can tell me will be shocking. I have seen it all:

  •  As an independent children’s lawyer – I act for children in cases where one parent (but usually both) are addicted to drugs; there is domestic violence and genuinely I wish DOCS would take the kids!
  • One partner thinks they can divest themselves of assets and no one is going to notice!
  • One partner thinks they are smarter than the Court (or for that matter, me…please).

Sadly, my secretary, is so attuned to family law and what we experience on a daily basis that she doesn’t even blink when I am dictating notes to her such as: “can you type ‘party X said you’re a f***ing  cock’; sorry, I meant to say they said, ‘you’re a f***ing  c**t’, not you’re a f***ing cock”.

As I said, as a family lawyer I have seen it all. Please don’t be nervous making an appointment to see me. Despite your circumstances, rest assured my staff and I have seen it all before. We are all pretty thick skinned; it takes a lot to shock us…

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