Court Representation

Court Representation

Should you find yourself engaged in Family Court proceedings, we have the experience and skills necessary to ensure you will receive the very best representation.

Although Family Law proceedings may be commenced in the Local Court, most matters will be determined in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or the Family Court of Australia.

Geographically, the Central Coast is located between three Federal Circuit Court/Family Court Registries: Newcastle, Parramatta and Sydney.

Before Going to Court – What to Wear and Bring

You are not expected to wear a suit but you should always dress neatly. Remember, going to Court is a serious and formal occasion.

Court days can be long days. Many matters are usually listed to be heard on the same day so you may be waiting a long time before your case is heard. Always take a good book or magazine with you.

Court can also be an intimidating and emotional experience. You are always welcome to bring a support person with you. Choose an appropriate support person such as a calm close friend or relative. A “cheer squad” will not help your case.

Children and Court

Unless you have been advised that your children are required to attend Court (for example, to meet with a Family Consultant), it is preferable that they do not attend. Generally, the Family Law Courts do not offer child-minding facilities. People under the age of 18 years are not permitted to enter Family Law Courtrooms.

Arriving at Court

As you enter the Court Building you will be required to go through an “airport-style” security check system involving a walk-through metal scanner and baggage x-ray machine.

Cameras, weapons and sharp objects are not permitted in Court buildings and will be retained by security staff.

Courtroom Etiquette

When entering and exiting a Courtroom whilst the judge is sitting it is customary to give a slight nod of the head to the judge as a sign of respect. You should also stand when the judge enters or exits the Courtroom. Again, a bow of the head is customary.

Personal Safety

If you have any personal security concerns, please advise us well before your Court attendance date and appropriate arrangements will be made with the Court staff to ensure your safety.

Which Courtroom will I be in?

Court lists are released late each afternoon. Where possible, we will contact you the day before your Court appearance to explain which Courtroom you will be in and where we shall meet you. Sometimes this is not possible because Court lists are not always available. In those circumstances we will make alternative arrangements with you. The Court Registry staff are also there to assist you.


It is advisable to arrange all-day parking of your vehicle on Court days. Going to Court can be very stressful. You do not need to be distracted, worrying about the possibility of incurring a traffic infringement notice.

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